OEM Mercedes-Benz Floor Mats

One of the best ways to minimize maintenance costs in the long run is to keep the floors in your Mercedes-Benz clean. One of the best ways to do that is by installing a set of genuine Mercedes-Benz floor mats. Just be sure you get the correct type. After all, a floor mat can be made of anything, and materials define how well they work.

What are Floor Mats Made of?

Many from the Mercedes-Benz factory are comprised of simple fabric. That carpet may hold onto mud and soak up liquids like spills and rainwater well, but you'll have to clean it up more often. Carpeted floor mats do often have nonslip backing, however, and that means they'll resist bunching up.

Other floor mats are more durable, usually made of rubber or vinyl. They're sometimes called "all-weather floor mats" because they don't absorb muck -- they repel it. Some custom floor mats, however, can either have spikes, caps, or grooves (to make cleaning easier) or retainers or clips (to provide a better grip).

When should floor mats be replaced? That depends on their overall condition. If yours are torn and beginning to crumple up, for example, you should replace them right away. Tearing only gets worse, and crumpling will only lead to mats getting lodged under your gas pedal or brake, and that can be very dangerous.

What Floor Mats Fit My Mercedes-Benz?

The simple answer: genuine OEM will. The floor mats Mercedes-Benz makes for its cars and SUVs are designed specifically for them, so they'll fit the one you drive. You can buy new ones online here at our auto parts counter. Order today and we'll ship right away, directly to your door!

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