OEM Mercedes-Benz Belts And Hoses

Many parts have to move at the same time for your Mercedes-Benz to run properly. Its belts and hoses are what move them. How both work is pretty straightforward.

What Belts Do

Belts move parts mechanically -- in other words, by machine, using other parts. Two main examples:

  • Serpentine and drive belts: these move parts in your alternator, power steering system, and more.
  • Timing belts and chains: these rotate your camshaft, keeping your engine valves and pistons pumping at the right times.

What Hoses Do

Hoses move parts hydraulically -- in other words, using liquid pressure. Several primary examples:

  • Radiator hoses: these move coolant to and fro between your radiator and engine.
  • Heater core hoses: these pass coolant along your heating and air conditioning systems, helping warm your cabin.
  • Fuel hoses: these connect your engine to your gas tank if you're driving an older Mercedes-Benz vehicle.
  • Brake hoses: push brake fluid through brake lines to brake calipers and pads, fastening them to brake rotors.

There are more than a few other belts and hoses that do even more. However, either can go bad, unfortunately.

What Are the Signs Belts and Hoses Are Failing or Have Gone Bad?

  • Looseness
  • Leaking hoses
  • Visible damage
  • Squeaky belts
  • Battery problems
  • Interior lighting malfunctions
  • Engine misfires
  • Engine overheats
  • Systems failures

Luckily, if you need new belts and hoses, you can order them right here at our auto parts store. They'll be genuine Mercedes-Benz, too, compatible with your car or SUV right off the shelf. Buy now and you'll be taking care of much-needed repairs in no time.

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